Welcome to Kardoesie

A place with everything the heart desires.

Situated along the N7 at the top of Piekenierskloof Pass, we have a breathtaking view of the Renosterhoek Valley. Kardoesie is a centre point to many attractions. An hour and half drive from Cape Town is nothing to what you can experience with us.

Started in 1997, Kardoesie has grown from strength to strength and there is no sign of slowing down with many more projects planned for the future.

With a shop,restaurant and fashion shop to indulge yourself in, a small group conference, accommodation indoor or outdoor. Kardoesie pulls out all the stops to entertain you.

So if it is a quick stop over to stretch the legs on a trip or a weekend getaway, at Kardoesie we will have something for you.

Sunday Lunch

22/09/18 Bees of Skaap skenkels
met Mash, pampoen poffertjies
& blomkool en broccoli.
29/09/18 Gebakte kool Frikkadelle
op gegeurde rys & Butternut wiel 
met soet ertjies 
06/10/18 Kerrie afval of beestert op
 kaboemielies of rys

Etes kan verander sonder kennisgewing.